Our Story

Veterans Helpings Veterans Foundation, INC founders Whitney Millender & Roland Mathney are both proud U.S. Marine Corps Veterans. These two were both troubled by encounters with fellow veterans suffering post-traumatic stress disorder, and veterans turning to suicide including depression after service. Their connection made for the most compelling friendship between our founders. They shared stories and experiences about life during service after service. They soon realize the common connection they shared that 95% of Veterans are afraid to speak about lay within them both.


They both realize they were united to do something greater in helping our Nation’s Hero’s, amongst being the ultimate support group to one another.


They begin immediately in interacting with fellow military they both served with in the Marine Corps. Collecting ideas in ways which they needed to impact our Veteran Community. These two great minds realized that many Veterans were being uninformed about the benefits and resources available to veterans who were in critical need of VA Benefits, Emergency Financial Assistance, Support Dealing with Mental Health issues including PTSD, Depression, Anxiety and Suicidal Ideation.

Their vision was to inform our fellow veterans that you’re not alone! Their mission was to provide critical information including resources for Homeless Veterans, along with food, shelter, mobile dentistry units, clothing, and getting you connected to an accredited VSO Rep in your community to complete your VA Claim for disability benefits.
They came up with a plan to make it easier for Veterans to access the resources that they both newly discovered. They decided to take the foundation they had founded together mobile. Traveling city to city around the nation to provide support to our nation hero’s.
The connection between our two Marine Corps Co-founders has saved many lives, including one another. Being there for a fellow sister or brother speaks mountains.

“Never Turn Your Back On A Veteran”

Whitney Millender & Roland Mathney
Veterans Helping Veterans Foundation, INC