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22 Veterans Commit Suicide Each Day!

It’s Time to Try Something Different

Most of our Nation Heroes who served overseas suffer from mental illness.
The most common illness inside our Veteran Community include:

  • PTSD
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

  • Suicidal Ideation
  • Alcohol Abuse
  • Drug Abuse

 Military service members and veterans are often reluctant to seek mental health care. Surveys uncovered widely held attitudes that can inhibit use of mental health services:
• Concern that admitting a mental health problem is a sign of weakness
• Fear that use of mental health services will have negative career repercussions with veterans, (especially among active-duty personnel, who are required to disclose treatment)
• Skepticism about the effectiveness of treatment and concerns about the negative side effects of
• The mental health workforce has insufficient capacity. Mental health specialty care for conditions such as PTSD and depression are not readily available in many parts of the country. Most mental health specialists are concentrated in urban areas. Even where specialty care is available, limited health plan coverage may reduce access for veterans seeking care outside of the VHA.


It’s Our Turn To Fight For Them.

These brave men and women in uniform have fought selflessly, protecting and defending our national security and freedom. Now, it is our turn to protect and fight FOR them. VHV Foundation mission is to bring awareness to veterans who suffer with mental illness, providing veterans proper resources on how to seek solutions to thriving once again, and overcoming the dark place that most veterans find themselves in.
Join VHV Foundation movement in protecting and fighting for our veteran community.

VHV Foundation is already making its way around the nation to impact our Veteran Community.

Please check VHV Foundation “Events” tab to find us in your local city.

  •  National Veteran Stand Down 

  • Air Shows

  •  Military Installation Base Events

  •  Live Nation Concert Events

  • Charitable Runs/ Including “ Silkie Runs”
  •  Veteran Job Affair Events

  •  Veterans PTSD Cruise

  •  Veterans Day 5k Run

What We Do

Impact Our Homeless Veteran Community.

Throughout the United States.

Mental Illness & Awareness Education

Emergency Assistance For Food Pantries, Rent, Shelter, Bill Pay.

Throughout the United States.Requirements (Must Provide Proof of Hardship Documents, Valid ID, DD214)


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Please Note: VHV Foundation does not offer medical advice or assist in mental health crisis. If you or someone you know needs emergency help, please visit our Mental Health Resources Page.